To travel is to take a journey into yourself.

Danny Kaye

Words from our Founder


A few years ago, after a successful career in the luxury travel industry, I was suddenly faced with a challenging time.

I had always wanted to work for companies that aligned with my ethics and set of values. And representing big corporations who discarded any integrity in the name of power and money didn’t fit with the person I was. I lost trust in those very people I previously respected and admired. My trust had been shaken and I started to question everything: career, life, relationships and anything that was having an impact on the person I was. 

That forced me to reflect upon my life and career choices and marked the start of a much bigger vision for myself and my life.

I realized that I had lost touch with who I was and with my soul’s purpose and it was time to get back on track.

For a few years, I embarked on a long period of travels and personal development, studying with the best life coaches in the world, acquiring the knowledge to enhance my life and accomplish bigger life goals. I discovered the power of the mind, and its inherent connection to soul and body and their impact on one’s life. 

And as I progressed along my personal journey of discovery, my initial vision became clearer and clearer.

I realized I wasn’t alone on this journey: many others across the world were at a crossroad in their lives, lost in a past they no longer belonged to, and stuck in a present that didn’t fulfill them. And the more people I encountered, the more I discovered how everyone longed for direction, for some inner guidance that the noise of everyday life made impossible to tap into. 

So day after day, I started to draw my ideal company.

I knew I didn’t just want to sell travel. I was passionate about making a difference in the world. And I knew I could do that with the power of travel. I could transform the world, one traveller at a time.

And what was initially just a vision, it soon became A Wonderful Planet – Transformative Travel, a unique concept combining the power of travel into meaningful experiences for mind, body and soul to impact the lives of participants and promote purposeful change.

Are you ready to live, explore, evolve?


Transformative travel works as a catalyst to help individuals learn more about themselves and the world they live in, while at the same time promoting inner growth and wellbeing.

The travel experiences we offer have been exclusively designed to focus on activities to stimulate and balance the connection between mind, body and soul. Why?

The Science Behind the Mind-Body-Spirit connection

Recent studies have shown that there is a connection between how the mind and the body work together. Every time we have a thought, we set off a cascade of cellular reactions in our nervous system that influence all the molecules in our body in a positive or negative way.

Now more than ever the combination of mental, physical, and spiritual wellness is undeniably important. Mental health has finally gained worldwide attention due to a steep increase in mental issues affecting most of our modern societies.

For decades we’ve been told to focus on the physical factor of wellness: healthy eating, being fit, showing an attractive appearance. But as our daily lives become busy with work, responsibilities and the stress that comes from it, it gets harder and harder to achieve mental and spiritual wellness which is a key element to attain a balanced life. Health is no longer just the absence of disease or symptoms; it becomes a state of optimal wellbeing, where mind, body and soul are aligned. 

Travel: the new wellness frontier

The ultimate wellness is no longer just a fit body, but the search for enhanced quality of life, personal growth, and balance between mind body and soul. Travel has often been considered a way to escape from daily life’s problems. But what if it could be a tool for growth and personal development to make one’s life better? 

It’s not a coincidence that when we travel we are in a state of happy flow, and we tend to be more receptive to learning and experiencing new things. When we leave our everyday environment, with all the distractions and the habits that come with it, we become more open to new situations that have the potential to inspire transformation within ourselves. We are free to explore old passions, new interests, reconnect with our life’s priorities, and change our perspective.

Wellbeing comes from within, so the more we engage in activities that make us happy, the more our mind and body benefit from it and our life will mirror our inner balance as a result.

Our Mind Body & Soul experiences

Our curated experiences have been designed to promote wellbeing and personal growth while immersed in stunning locations. Luxury boutique hotels, healthy cuisine, and activities to awaken the senses and connect with local communities are some of the aspects aimed at discerning customers looking for more than just a holiday abroad.

Below are some of the elements included in our experiences to help align mind, body and soul:


We are not for everyone.

Our journeys are for professionals who know there’s more to life than a 9-5 job, for awe seekers who are ready to explore themselves and not just the world around them.

We are for those wanting to reconnect to their inner voice, for those chasing spark in their life, for those willing to uncover their dreams and passions. Or simply for those who feel the time has come to get out of their comfort zone. 

We are for those who are ready to live, explore and evolve.


We are not a traditional travel company. 

We believe in a different way of exploring this world. We want you to explore it, from within yourself.

We initiate transformation through travel knowing that wellbeing comes from within, when mind, body and soul are in balance. Therefore the more you connect these 3 elements and engage in activities that stimulate mind, body and soul, the more you will benefit from it. 

We encourage you to dive deep into cultures, to meet and talk to locals, to understand their culture and their lives firsthand. All of our programs include activities or Q&A sessions with locals.

We prompt you to explore your inner world, your soul’s dreams and passions.

Whether it’s photography, cooking, meditating, writing or more, our activities are designed to awaken your creative side and bring out inner talents, to awaken that part of you that your everyday life may have made dormant.

Ultimately, we want to help you discover a new spark for life and your infinite potential in beautiful locations worldwide. 

We have quite a background. 

The founder and director of A Wonderful Planet has 19 years experience in the travel and hospitality industry, gained with international luxury travel companies. She is also an accomplished travel photographer and has an in-depth, first-hand knowledge of the destinations we cover. 

We will spoil you. 

We believe there is nothing wrong with spoiling ourselves with a bit of luxury in life. From comfy beds at luxurious boutique hotels to spa treatments and healthy meals, we want you to feel special. Because you are. 

We support local communities. 

  1. We don’t use big corporate hotel chains, but smaller, luxury boutique properties with unique character.
  2. We donate 2% from each booking to selected charity projects that operate in our destinations. We are passionate about this wonderful planet, and we are happy to give our contribution to make it a better place for all.
  3. We employ locals to give back to the community. Some of our photography tours are led by our very own founder in combination with a local photographer, giving customers a true immersion into cultures. This ensures that your money goes directly into the community, rather than in the sole pockets of a tour organization. That’s our way to say “thank you” to a destination and the people who live in it. 

We don’t exploit animals. 

We don’t support any companies engaging in animal’s labour, ivory sales or other activity aimed at harming animals. You won’t ride abused elephants nor take selfies with drugged tigers with us.

Instead, you could spend a night watching and feeding rescued elephants from the comfort of  your hotel’s bedroom as you watch them roaming free in their own natural habitat and falling asleep at your doorstep. That’s the kind of encounter we promote with these majestic, gentle creatures. 

We believe in the healing and life changing power of nature.

Nature is the world’s greatest healer. It’s where we are once again complete and reborn. When was the last time you stopped to listen to the natural sounds of the world? From the sound of crickets at night, to the singing of birds, you will experience being immersed in the soothing sounds of nature throughout most of our journeys. 

Are you ready to live, explore, evolve with us? 

Whether you join our small exclusive groups or choose to travel privately on our tailor-made programs, you will find a journey that will transform your perspective about yourself, your life and the planet you live in.  Click below to start:

Luxury accommodation

Our properties range from luxury boutique hotels to stunning private villas, offering a stay with unique personal touches and character based on each destination.

Private or Small groups

We like small, intimate, exclusive experiences. We keep the size of our groups small so we can provide the best service to our guests and ensure they have an unforgettable time. If you’d rather get our undivided attention, private tailor-made programs are available too. 

Healthy cuisine

We carefully select our dining partners to offer meals prepared with the freshest farm to table ingredients, to provide healthy and yummy culinary experiences across our destinations.   

Personal growth

We believe Life to be a long lasting learning experience. We are committed to helping guests expand their horizons and knowledge about themselves, their lives, and the wonderful world we live in with our selection of workshops and upcoming guest speakers and visionaries. 

Mind, body & spirit

Activities to stimulate mind, body and soul are at the core of our journeys, to promote balance and wellbeing.



2% from each booking is donated to help support local NGOs in the destinations we operate.That’s our way of giving back to the wonderful planet we live in.

Interested in our services for your company?

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