What to bring on a photo tour?

If you are at your first photography adventure, you may be wondering what to bring with you to make the most of your trip. Some of the suggestions below will help you maximize your time while on the trip and ensure you don’t forget the most essential items.

Camera, smartphone or adventure cam?

No matter if you are pro photographer or a beginner, you will find yourself making good use of all these items, at different times. SLR cameras are fantastic, however having to change lenses may lose you a timely scene. For those moments, having a smartphone at hand can be immensely useful! I would rather capture a beautiful scene with my phone, rather than missing it altogether while changing my lenses. If you are not a professional photographer and don’t own an SLR camera, you will still achieve great results with some of the latest high-quality smartphones, many of which come with advanced capabilities (ie. Huawei with Leica lenses). An adventure cam is the only affordable choice to capture underwater scenes, but it’s also a very precious tool to make videos while going unnoticed. I attach my GoPro to my backpack and let it record my surroundings as I walk. The footage I get is as authentic as it can be!


While not usually needed during the day, you will find yourself needing a tripod for any sunrise or evening shot. Pair it with a remote control and you’ll make the most of any night scene requiring long exposures.

Ear plugs

Sure, it’s not a photography item. But try to fall asleep to the sound of the TV coming from your next door neighbors! Having to rise often at unorthodox times, you will want to make sure to get a good night’ sleep every night.

Clothing with pockets

Lots of pockets! Pockets are photographers’ best friends. Filters, memory cards, lens wipes and anything small that can be easily stored in your pockets will save you considerable time, instead of having to access your camera bag every time you need to take something out.

“When you photograph a face, you photograph the soul behind it.”

Jean Luc Godard


If you are working with an SLR camera, a tablet is essential for downloading your images at the end of the day and share your art with friends and family. After all, you do want to make them jealous with envy, right?

Mosquito repellent

Some of our photo adventures take you into the heart of jungles and exotic lands where mosquitoes abound. While covering your arms and legs can be challenging in hot, humid weather, a good amount of mosquito repellent will keep you safe and worry-free while shooting.

A smile

You will find that often the only thing you need to break the ice with some locals before taking their picture is a smile. You don’t need to learn 10 languages to interact with other cultures. A smile is the one universal language spoken by everyone, and that, my friend, will open more doors than any vocabulary ever would. So bring your best smile when traveling with us. And you will be rewarded with memories that will last you a lifetime.

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